IT infrastructure software is used to make sure that people and systems in your organization can connect – to efficiently execute business processes, share information, and manage touch points with customers and suppliers. Infrastructure software dynamically detects relationships between resources and helps coordinate activities across an entire enterprise. IT infrastructure can also be configured to automatically alert users to relevant discoveries and best practices, based on their current activity and without requiring a user-initiated search.

SAMA Technology offerings a comprehensive, reusable architecture that enables all types of new business systems to work seamlessly with existing IT assets. This infrastructure delivers compelling long-term value because it's almost infinite adapter suite allows for meeting future business integration challenges – with minimal expense, delay, or disruptions. Just as important, when you assemble new solutions with SAMA Technology, the technology decisions you make today won't lock you in for the long-term.

SAMA Technology integrated solutions combine openness with plug-and-play design that translates into faster project implementations and cost savings of up to 80% compared with custom-coded integration. They also save substantially on maintenance, because applications can interact with standardized integration architecture – not bewildering "hard-coded" connections to back-office systems.

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