SAMA TECHNOLOGY offering a variety of Service Level Agreements in order to accommodate our diverse range of clientele. The main principles of our service level agreements are to ensure effective support, training and development of already implemented IT systems. This ensures that our product and solutions grows and evolves continuously with our customer's businesses and therefore should not have a shelf life.

In addition we advise our clients that there is no point in putting in an IT solution that runs all or parts of your business and takes time to implement if you are not going to support and maintain it. All business evolves over time and therefore we see this SLA service offering vitally important to ensure long term success of your product. - We ensure constant training, support and development to your implemented solutions.

How does it work? – SAMA TECHNOLOGY will put together the right SLA to suit your business based on the type of the IT products or solution that has been purchased and implemented, understanding that this might only be 1 hour a month or twenty hours per month. The point of the exercise is we don't have to quote you for every hour of training or technical support you require, we know that we have a curtain amount of time to allocate to your project on a monthly basis.

The core managed services offering now comprises:

  • - Monthly SLA performance reporting
  • - Monthly network performance reporting for voice and data
  • - Central Ordering capability with committed delivery times.
  • - Incident handling capabilities with proactive notification of major service-impacting outages

Detailed reporting metrics underpin each of these service areas

The SLA can be customized to meet individual customer needs by including other services such as billing resolution, enhanced service levels for specific user profiles, helpdesk-to-helpdesk support and managed mobile email. It covers 80% of our connection footprint at launch and we will continue to rollout the capability using customer-specific demand to drive priority.

SAMA TECHNOLOGY SLA framework delivers a consistent experience. An accreditation program of Affiliates and third-party suppliers ensures consistent delivery against the SLA and enables full performance reporting.

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