In order for Business Intelligence to provide true value, the information emerging through enterprise-wide initiatives must be aligned with adaptive business processes that align transparently and directly with the corporate goals. In the real world, this means that once the strategy has been identified and the solution has been visualized, they need to be put into practice.

The choice of designs, technologies and products is a difficult work for any IT professional, requiring a lot of planning and efforts to do, understand, or deal with. What is the ideal infrastructure design? What is the most robust Operating System? Who offers the best technology roadmap? Who has the most open systems?

With any decision you may have to live with the outcome for many years to come as it is not always simple to change from blades to servers, from UNIX to Windows, from proprietary storage to open storage, from flat to managed data networks, from traditional PBX to VoiP and IPT wide networks, How can you simply get answers to those questions and ensure that you make the right decisions?

SAMA Technology will help you select the right technology, the right design, the right brand at the right price. We offer a structured best-of-breed, best-in-class and best-of-fit approach to giving you flexibility in choice and freedom to decide. All vendors that we represent are offered under the highest reliability standards which means that SAMA Technology can work with you without having prescribed solutions and vendor's in mind.

We will look at the application that is satisfying the business need and ensure that the right technology is considered in an independent way. Only once the technology is selected will we focus on the products that can meet the demand.

There is lot of technology practices in the SAMA Technology Solutions Architecting Group that have Subject Matter Experts (SME) in areas from IP Telephony and Contact Centers, Wide and Local area Networks, Servers & Blades to Security and Passive Networks. It is the responsibility of these groups to help you select the technologies and to integrate them in to a technical solution. They will also work with the original equipment manufacturers to ensure that all designs are verified where required.

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