SAMA TECHNOLOGY DMCC provides advanced enterprise-class Data Solutions with high reliability, performance, and security that organizations throughout the UAE depend on to run their businesses. Because solutions are streamlined to better utilize and manage networking resources, SAMA TECHNOLOGY data networks can uniquely deliver both mission critical dependability and superior return on investment.

SAMA TECHNOLOGY's Data Solutions offer a portfolio of products that enable enterprises to build networks that are always-on, providing up to seven times better resiliency; efficient, up to 40% more energy efficient; and scalable, providing up to 20 times better performance than the market leaders.

SAMA TECHNOLOGY's Data Solutions portfolio is comprised of:

Ethernet Switching

Wide range of data switches, integrated routers, gateways and appliances that allow enterprises to reliably and securely connect their offices.

Unified Branch

Wide range of routers and Virtual Private Network (VPN) appliances that provide a secure connection for branches.

Unified Communications Management

Support for data and voice networks by simplifying the management requirements across functional areas

Access Control

Varied solutions that provide policy decision to enforce role-based access control to the network

Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture

Will be updated soon

Wireless Networking

It is a cost-effective and scalable solution enabling enterprises to deploy wireless coverage

Networking services

Our Networking practices focuses on the design and implementation of Networks brining multiple physically distributed networks into uniform Data Communication Systems by incorporating appropriate hardware and software. Our Networking Solutions include : Infrascructures, Ethernet, MPLS, Core Aggregation & EDGE Switching & Routing, Metro Ethernet, Carrier Ethernet

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